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Yuen Kong Limited

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Yuen Kong Limited
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  • Industry Category:
Manufacture,rapid prototyping,Injection moulding and tooling
  • Contact Person:
  • Telephone:
+86 755 3304 3511
  • Fax:
+86 755 3304 3322
  • Mobile:
+86 15820416309
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  • Address:
Block B1,C1,Qiang Rong Dong Industrial,Bao An District
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YUEN KONG Ltd.China Plastic Injection Molding specialising in precision injection moulding, prototyping,tooling and production. Also we offer free manufacturing design.With the addition of a prototyping and design department, we offer a full line service. Quickparts rapid prototyping, plastic injection molding,high-quality tooling and parts manufacture with competitive price matching. stereolithography,urethane castings.
           • Factory area – 7,500 square metres Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence molding injection CNC
           • Staff: >150 employees
           • Engineering department = 20 employees
           • Achieved CE, CCC certification
           • Annual revenue approx. 80 million RMB
           • Tool room capacity of up to 50 tools per month
           • 27 injection moulding machines (12 German DEMAG machines)
           • Japanese and Swiss tool making machinery
           • Assembly, Screen printing, electronic assembly, cable extrusion

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