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Template:Submit Information Introduction

The content you should add may include following (您可以填写以下内容):

  1. Company=Company full name, E.g. "Wuhan Jingle Electronic Information Co., Ltd.";
  2. Country=In which country, E.g. "China";
  3. City=In which city, E.g. "Wuhan, Hubei";
  4. Industry Category=What industry belonged, E.g. "Electronic Information, Internet, Software";
  5. Contact Person=Name of contact person, E.g. "James Qi";
  6. Telephone=Telephone number with area code, E.g. "+86-27-65681210";
  7. Fax=Fax number with area code, E.g. "+86-27-65681481";
  8. Mobile=Mobile Phone, E.g. "+86-13012345678";
  9. Email=Email Box, E.g. "";
  10. Website=Website URL, E.g. "";
  11. Address=Office Address, E.g. "Room B-705, Xincheng Building, No.176, Fazhan Avenue, Wuhan, Hubei, China";
  12. Postal Code=Postal Code, E.g. "430023";
  13. More Info=More information to add, E.g. "A company since 1998.....MSN:";

Please add information only after the "=" below, then preview and save. (请只在下面"="后面填写相应的信息,然后预览、保存。)

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